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Big events:
Year 2011:
        China’s first 10kw disc type solar focusing power generation system prototype independently researched and developed by Huayi Kangdisi Solar Technology Co., Ltd was installed for test and trial operation at Huinong strict, Shizuishan city in Ningxia on April 15, 2011. It generated 60kW/h that day. It was reported that this generation system is the pioneer in China, which filled the blank of disc type solar focusing power generation technology. 
Year 2008:
         On July 31st, 2008, 1.5MW wind power generating turbines developed by Huayi were successfully put into production.  

Year 2007:

        Huayi Electric Co.,Ltd successfully got listed on Shanghai stock exchange, making it the first listed company in Yueqing and first listed private enterprise on main board in February 1st, 2007.


Year 2006:
        Huayi was entitled as “national torch plan key high-tech enterprise” by the ministry of science and technology torch high-tech industry development center.
On March,2006, the power distribution project for Olympic avenue adopted the power distribution automation system solution scheme by Huayi and purchased its product VSP5-12 with value of tens of million.  

Year 2005:
        Huayi was listed 40 among the top 100 national living enterprises.

Year 2003:
        Huayi was awarded “China’s 500 top enterprises in machinery industry”


Year 2001:
        Huayi group held the groud-breaking ceremony for the industrial park on May 31st, 2001. Huayi bought 300 unit areas in Yanpan ecomonic zone for the construction of the third generation of plants.
        As Huayi party construction work has achieved remarkable results, the party secretary LiRongGuo went to Beijing on April 30th, 2001 to take part in the conference and to comrade Hu Jingtao about the party construction work of Huayi as one of the representatives of non-public enterprises in Zhejiang province.


Year 1999:
        In November of 1999, after being approved by national industry and commerce department, Huayi was promoted as national free-zone group company and its name was changed to Huayi Electric Apparatus Co., Ltd.

Year 1998:
        Activities were held to celebrate the establishment of Zhejiang Huayi group Co., LTD, the completion of group office building and that Huayi became the research center for Zhejiang University electrical engineering department on January 1st,1998.

Year 1994:
        In December 1994, Yueqing Huayi switch factory was promoted as Zhejiang switch factory.

Year 1992:
        Huayi signed agreement with Xiamen ABB company in December 1992 to cooperate to product EK6 earthing switch. This put the history of purchasing earthing switch from abroad to an end.
The outdoor vacuum circuit breaker produced by Huayi has won the gold and silver medals for national power supply and new agricultural and electric product technique exchange in 1992.

Year 1990:
        Huayi bought 3 unit areas on Lehu road in Yuecheng town, Yueqing for construction of the factory plant.

Year 1988:
        In early 1988, Yueqing Mechanical Hardware Accessories factory was renamed Queqing Huayi Switch Company whose priority is processing of high voltage isolating switch contacts.

Year 1986:
        In year 1986, Chen Daorong and 4 of his friends used 40 thousands yuan to rent an old ancestral temple to build Yueqing mechanical hardware accessories factory, which is the predecessor of Huayi Group Company.

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